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Glasögon på en öppen bok

We dedicate our books

• to clients planning to start using mystery shopping services. This is a quick start in understanding the concept, the advantages, and the pitfalls.


• to client employees working in a company using mystery shopping services, and who are thinking: “That is probably a mystery shopper, so I better give good service!” We hope this book will help them to realize that instead they should think: “That is probably a real customer; I better give Superb Service”!

• to providers’ employees, who have not yet received the complete training we think is valuable to have before managing a mystery shopping project.

• to mystery shopping providers, both new and experienced in the industry, who can read about suggestions for quality assurance procedures, and how they can develop their projects to be able to give their clients even more value for money.

• to mystery shoppers, who are thinking this is just a way of earning quick money. We want them to understand how important their role is in this concept.

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