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Company details
The content in this web shop is offered, updated and operated by
AB BÄTTRE AFFÄRER, based in Sweden with 5567823603.
Telephone: +46705291885 E-mail:
Address to the book shop:

The books are sold per piece according to the customers’ order. We offer a volume price when ordering books with the same price. This means that customers ordering 10 books pay for only 9 books, and customers ordering 50 books pay for only 40 books.

All prices are valid for each day and can be changed in the future. The transport fee which also covers a handling cost will be added. The individual and actual prices will be specified in the invoice, including cost for transport and VAT. Swedish customers are charged in Swedish kronor. Customers outside of Sweden are charged in Euro.

The cost for transport, will be added to the added to the price for the book(s) and depends on where the books should be delivered in relation to our storage in Sweden.

Company client’s within the EU with a valid VAT number, will be charged excluding VAT, while other company client’s and private customers will be charged including VAT.

Conditions for delivery
Unless something else is agreed, the delivery time is 15 days. If one article has
another delivery time, or if there is a delay of the delivery, we will inform you via e-mail. Customers have the right to cancel the purchase if the delivery is expected to be delayed. We will do everything we can to complete your order. There may be certain occasions when it is impossible to complete the order, e.g. when our supplier or our shipping agent cannot complete their commitment to us. We reserve the right for disclaim from all compensation to customers due to delayed delivery. Cost for transport will be added on all orders. AB Bättre Affärer, Stockholm will use Posten AB and subsidiaries for deliveries. We will send your order with the service ”Inrikes Brev 1:a-klassbrev” and deliveries over 2 kg with Postens’ ”Postpaket” service.

Payments are settled via bank transfer to the IBAN number stated in the invoice. 

Right to cancel
As a private consumer you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the date you received the product/s, without any particular reason regardless if the product is defect. If the product is defect or damaged, you should instead make a complaint. The right to cancel is not applicable for used products – you can only return unused products, in the original package.
You have the right to open the package to control if the product is ok, but both the product and its’ package should be in reasonable unchanged condition when you return the product to us.
If you as a customer have used the product more than necessary for identifying it’s function, and this has led to that the returned product is worth less, we are entitled to reduce the returned amount in relation to the lost value. The evaluation if the value will be made from case to case.
If you are a private consumer and regret your purchase, always contact our Customer Service via e-mail for further instructions. When we receive your products in return we will reimburse you within 30 days.

NB! When you claim the right to cancel, you are responsible to pay the cost for the transport to return the product, and the choice of transport. Note that you are responsible for the risk during the transport.

Is the product wrong or broken/damaged?
If a product is wrong (if we have sent the wrong product) or damaged, you should according to legislation make a complaint “within a reasonable time” after you discovered the error or damage, to be able to get a new product or be reimbursed. If you make the complaint within one month it should always be considered as reasonable time. Complaints are not the same as the right to cancel. If you want to change to another product (e.g. another book) the rules for cancellation applies.
If you want to make a complaint, please contact our Customer Service via e-mail.
When you make a complaint, you can choose if you want a new product to be sent to you or if you want to be reimbursed for the product. Reimbursements are made within 30 days after we received your complaint. NB! Do NOT return a product before speaking to us. If we request you to return a product that is an approved complaint, we will handle the return transport.
If you are not satisfied with how we handled your complaint, you can turn to “Allmänna
Reklamationsnämnden” (ARN). We will follow the decisions made by ARN.

Is the package damaged?
If you can see already when you get the package at your distributor that it is damaged, it is important that you file the complaint immediately to your distributor. Such a complaint gives you a verification that the package has not been damaged after you got it.

Return Policy
How to handle return of products due to complaint.
Before you return a product that you want to return because it is wrong or damaged, you should always contact our Customer Service via e-mail.

How to handle return of products if you use your right to cancel (Applicable for private consumers)
If you regret your purchase, please always contact our Customer Service before you return the product. You can only return unused products, and both the product and the package has to be in reasonable unchanged condition when it is returned.
NB! You pay the cost of transport for the return and decide the mode of transport, so bear in mind that you are responsible for the transport risk – always save the receipt of your return and a copy of the delivery order/specification until you receive a confirmation that we have received your returned product/s.

How to return a product you want to exchange
For exchanges, the same rules apply as for cancellations. Note that exchange is not the same as complaints.

Please return after our agreement, to:
Mark the package with ”Return”
AB Bättre Affärer, Stockholm
Better Business Books
Ljungvägen 61
186 34 Vallentuna
Tel. +46705291885

Include a copy of the order or the invoice in the return package and write your address clearly visible.

Refund Policy
If you want to return the product because you regret your purchase, you will receive the refund for the product(s) as soon as possible, and at the latest within 30 days after we received the product in return. You have to pay the cost for returning the product. You can read more about the Swedish legislation for distance purchases at Konsumentverket:

Refund method
Better Business Books will refund the money via bank transfer. 

Privacy Policy
Better Business Books/AB BÄTTRE AFFÄRER will only use the customers’ data for the company’s internal administration and will not disclose any information to third party.
When you place your order with us, you need to give us some personal data. When you place your order, you agree to that we store your data so that we can complete the order and our commitment to you. According to the data privacy legislation (GDPR), you have the right to have access to the data we have stored about you. If it is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that the data is corrected or deleted. If so, please contact us via e-mail.

Force Majeure
AB BÄTTRE AFFÄRER cannot guarantee to fulfill its’ obligations according to the company’s conditions for purchase and delivery if these are considerably changed, prevented or delayed by so called force majeure, meaning conditions which exempt the company from completing its’ undertakings. As force majeure we consider actions or omittings by authorities, new or changed legislation, conflict at the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage or major accidents. In force majeure we also include authority decisions effecting the market and products negatively, e.g. decisions about warning texts, sales prohibitions etc. or abnormal or unpredictable decrease in the market.

We make no warranty or guarantee that the information on our website is error-free, complete, or current. We reserve the right to correct errors and/or update the content on our website at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order containing any error or inaccuracy, including after the order has been submitted.


Terms and Conditions

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